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Gino Ceccarelli Bardales

Gino Ceccarelli was born in Amazonia in 1960. He studied at the Regional School of Fine Arts of Iquitos, in the National School of Fine Arts of Lima, in the Studio of Cristina’s Gálvez, the Corcoran School in Washington D.C., and in Engraving and painting workshops in Paris.

Artist,Painter, graphic designer, compulsive journalist, researcher and consultant on culture and tourism in the Amazon, caricaturist, illustrator, sculptor, theatrical decorator, producer in film and television projects, opinion writer and freelance author.

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For 30 years his work has been inspired by the myths and legends of the Amazon and in the cosmogony of the diverse cultures that inhabit it.

He has made more than forty individual exhibitions, of which only five in Peru.

Particularely outstanding those made in the Italian Art Museum in Lima in 1987, in La Galería de la Banque Nationale de Paris in 1993, at the Nesle gallery in Paris in 1995, at the Museo Casa of America in Madrid in 1997, in L’Arche de la Dèfense in Paris in 1998, in the Museum of the Nation of Lima in 1999, in the Manzana de la Ribera Museum in Asunción in 2000, in the International Art Expo in New York in 2000, at the University of Chile in 2002, in the Mairie de Rennes in 2003, at the Osma Museum in Lima in 2008 and 2014, in the San Marcos Art Museum of Lima in 2010, at the Embassy of Peru in Washington DC in 2013 and at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia in 2015.

He was Special Guest for the annual “Comparaisons 2,011” exhibition at the Grand Palais de Paris.